HNA Group Overview

Against the backdrop of reform and liberalization in China, HNA Group has become one of the fastest-growing multinational corporations. Since its first flight in 1993, HNA has evolved from a regional airline based on Hainan Island into a giant multi-industry conglomerate as a result of international investments with a strategic focus on air-travel, hospitality, tourism, real estate, commodity retail, finance, logistics, shipbuilding and eco-tech.

HNA Group is composed of six sub-groups: Tech & Logistics, Tourism, Capital, Holdings, Innovation Finance, and Modern Logistics.These six sub-groups collectively employs over 400 thousand staffs worldwide, control or have a share in 19 airlines with a fleet of more than 1250 aircraft, manage the world’s largest aircraft leasing group, operate or have a stake in over 3100 hotels worldwide, and are responsible for operating 13 airports.

In 2015, HNA Group placed for the first time in the Global Fortune 500, ranking #464. In 2016, HNA Group ranked #353, climbing 111 positions in just one year!

HNA Group has been honored with opportunities to accompany China’s national leaders to visit the United States, United Kingdom, Belgium, and the Czech Republic, among others. These national leaders witnessed the signing of contracts allowing HNA to operate flights between Beijing and Lisbon, Beijing and Manchester, and Shanghai and Brussels. HNA has also embraced international markets in other ways by acquiring ICE, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, Ingram Micro Inc., and Gategroup; by becoming the largest single shareholder of Hilton Worldwide; by joining hands with Uber through strategic cooperation; and by establishing a joint venture with Rocket Space.

Even as HNA Group has grown to become a large international corporation, it has maintained a stark commitment to strong CSR practices. One of HNA’s key CSR initiatives is HNA Brightness Action, which over the last 12 years has helped over 6000 cataract patients to regain their sight in regions including the Tibetan Plateau, Xinjiang, and Inner-Mongolia as well as Africa and Southeast Asia. In 2016, HNA Group initiated the Nepal World Culture Heritage Program with UNESCO, and worked with UNICEF on the Love Gift Program. To date, HNA Group has donated over RMB 10 billion in charity.

HNA Industry Groups

  • HNA Technology
    & Logistics
  • HNA Tourism
  • HNA Capital
  • HNA Holding
  • HNA Innovation
  • HNA Modern

HNA Technology & Logistics


HNA Technology & Logistics is a strategy-oriented holding group under HNA Group, which focuses on the investment, operation, innovation and R&D of science and technology, striving to become a top global investment group in the high-tech industry. It is committed to building an equal, sharing and ecological data platform under the overall strategic deployment of HNA Group. HNA Technology & Logistics assists enterprises with digital transformation to allow businesses to change from small ones to big ones and vice versa, and makes it possible for the clients to achieve sustainable growth.

Business Industries

Big data, industry cloud, new IT services, supply chain, intelligent manufacturing, etc.

Prominent Enterprises

Ingram Micro Inc., Pactera, HNA Cloud, Tianhai Investment.

Job Locations

Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tianjin, Haikou, San Francisco, Santa Ana, Singapore, among others.

HNA Tourism


HNA Tourism is a large air-travel industry holding group belongs to HNA Group. Based on the huge scale of the Chinese tourism market and seeking to tap the high potential of the HNA Group's aviation and tourism businesses, HNA Tourism is building an air-travel platform that revolves around sharing, participation, inclusiveness and ecology.

HNA Tourism provides consumers with integrated services in transportation, hospitality, travel, catering, and entertainment. Driven by financial investment and innovation, HNA Tourism is committed to becoming a leading provider in the tourism sector.

Business Industries

Aviation, tourism, hospitality, culture & entertainment, catering, investment.

Prominent Enterprises

Hainan Airlines, Capital Airlines, HNA-Caissa, Gategroup, Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group.

Job Locations

Beijing, Haikou, Hong Kong, Shanghai, London, Switzerland, Melbourne, Chicago, among others.

HNA Capital


HNA Capital is the traditional financial industry group of HNA Group. Based on the advantages of HNA Group's industrial entities, HNA Capital has developed into a comprehensive financial group with complete financial license. HNA Capital will continue to expand social financial services and provide first-class financial Services to customers.

Business Industries

Leasing, insurance, securities, futures, banking, investment banking, fund, equity investment, guarantee, Internet innovation finance.

Prominent Enterprises

Bohai Capital, JBH, Avolon, Seaco, Cronos, HKAC.

Job Locations

Beijing, New York, Singapore, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tianjin, among others.

HNA Holding


As one of HNA Group’s major six industrial groups, HNA Holding devotes to forging a financial industry group of international real estate with core business format – listed corporations.

Business Industries

Infrastructure, O2O, Real Estate finance, Equity Investment, sector fund.

Prominent Enterprises

HNA Infrastructure, CCOOP, HNA Investment Group, HKICIM.

Job Locations

Haikou, Beijing, Hong Kong, New York, Sydney, among others.

HNA Innovation Finance


HNA Innovation Finance Group is committed to create a world-class trade finance solutions provider and financial products service provider, and is responsible for the construction of financial management platform and innovative financial ecosystem under its trade item. It builds the internationalized core industries of investment, trade and consumption and designs and develops supporting financial products and currency trading services. It uses advantage and scale to carry out extensive financial innovation and capital operation, helping the country’s policy implementation and landing.

Business Industries

Trade finance, consumer finance, financial investment and trade.

Job Locations

Hong Kong, Shenzhen.

HNA Modern Logistics


HNA Modern Logistics Group introduction: HNA Modern Logistics, a giant logistics industry holding group, belongs to the world Top 500 HNA Group. It specializes in building a worldwide supply chain pivot with high value, aiming to make a digital logistics eco system which is accessible to the world and provide all-directions and integrated logistics management service.

Business Industries

Cargo Airline, Airport Management, Logistics Warehousing, Logistics Financial Service, Online Logistics.

Prominent Enterprises

Swissport, Meilan Airport, Phoenix Airport, HNA Usolv, HNA Cold Chain.

Job Locations

Xi’an, Shanghai, Hong Kong, among others.

Our Values

The Analects of Confucius says, “The gentleman works hard on the fundamentals, and his work will give birth to the Way.” HNA Group has devoted itself to the public interest, integrating the enterprise’s own interests with the interests of society and mankind. This approach allows HNA to promote the commercial civilization of the new era. With the belief that Heaven helps those who help themselves, HNAers are building careers with dedicated hearts. HNA seeks to gather its employees in pursuit of a common cause and use their love for those around them to accomplish dreams.

Common Ideal

We work to benefit human well-being and world peace.

Common Beliefs

Good people will be blessed. People must seek to master their own lives and seek to make their own decisions. We believe in truth, goodness, beauty and boundless love.

Common Pursuit

We aim to be recognized by the public, participated in by the public, achieved by the public, and shared by the public.

Common Philosophy

We value integrity, performance and innovation.

Harmony is the reason for groups to flourish;
Perseverance is the rule to sturdy progress;
Careful recipe is the best medicine to health;
Forgiveness is most needed in dispute;
Kindness to youth endows the superior with virtue;
Diligence leads research to accession of knowledge;
Sincerity is the fundamental to daily life;
Modesty is always the best policy to walk in the world;
Preparation keeps the foster away;
Conduct roots upon cautiousness.

Company Awards and Recognition

Named one of China’s “Most Admired Enterprises” (2015-2016);
HNA Group selected three times as a case for inclusion in Harvard Business Review;
Named one of the Top 20 Best Employers in China;
Global Partnership Impact Award by AIESEC;
Named one of the “100 Employers of Excellence” in China;
Excellence in HR Management Strategy Award (2016);
Hainan Airlines ranked in the Top 10 of JACDEC’s “World’s Safest Airlines” for 4 years;
Hainan Airlines certified as a SKYTRAX 5-Star Airline for 6 consecutive years.

ITP Overview

  • Orientation Training
  • Round 1
    Rotation & Assessment
  • Round 2
    Rotation & Assessment
    Dual Mentor
  • Round 3
    Rotation & Assessment
    Get Empowered
  • Get Promoted with
    Competitive Salary
  • ★ What to Expect

    Onward and Upward

    You will be working in a Fortune 500 enterprise, located in Zurich, London, New York, Hong Kong, Haikou, Beijing, Shanghai and other cities, with a passionate and positive work environment with strong growth potential.

    Multinational & Multi-Business Experience

    You will be enrolled in a program that includes multiple job rotations over an 18-to-24-month period, with placement opportunities in aviation, hospitality, tourism, real estate, finance and capital investment, logistics, and eco-IT across the globe.


    While working at HNA, you will be guided by mentors, receive international professional training, participate in workshops and industry research, enrolled in talent exchange projects, etc.

    Limitless Promotion Potential

    Focusing on skill cultivation and personal aptitude, HNA Group values those with latent talent potential and provides various paths for upward mobility.

    Competitive Benefits

    As our business expands, employee benefits also expand, including but not limited to housing benefits, discount flight tickets for employees and their relatives, internal financial services, mutual funds, and holiday bonuses, among other benefits.

    ★ Who We are Looking For

    Job Functional Areas

    Finance, Investment, Accounting, Auditing, Strategic Planning, HR, IT Development, Marketing, Branding, and others.

    Other Requirements

    1. Bachelor’s degree or above with strong academic background;
    2. Native English speaker or IELTS 6.5/TOEFL 85/TOEIC 700/ TEM 8 or above;
    3. Multiple years of experience living or working overseas;
    4. Candidate who have demonstrated leadership ability is preferred.

    ★ Life at HNA

    • Joe Peng
    • Hayley Vette
    • Sedna Wang
    • Jan Heidrich

    Name: Joe Peng
    University: Franklin and Marshall College, University of Chicago
    Location: Shanghai
    First Rotation: Business/Strategy Analyst, HNA Tech &Logistics Group

    I joined the HNA Group in 2016 and have been working as a Strategy Analyst in the Strategic Development Department. I have been responsible for macroscopic analysis, industry research, and enterprise analysis. In the past 4 months, with the guidance of department managers, I have conducted analyses on 20+ enterprises, including many Fortune 500 companies and companies in hot and cutting-edge industries like logistics, cloud computing, big data, and IoT. I have already produced several reports to support strategic decision-making in many of these areas. I have also been very fortunate to participate in the merger process of the HNA Eco-Tech Group and the HNA Logistics Group, and was involved in the preparation process of the preliminary planning of the HNA Tech & Logistics Group. I am grateful to the HNA Group for providing such a wonderful platform and for supporting all HNAers to grow and improve.

    HNA provides wonderful opportunities for everyone in the group to grow and improve. For example, we have an HNA learning platform, scheduled and non-scheduled inter-department teambuilding activities, and professional skill and communication workshops. Through these activities, HNAers can not only improve their professional skill sets but also have the opportunity to communicate with people from other departments and industrial groups, especially senior executives, building bridges for growth and innovation.

    I really like HNA, not only because it has great potential and is facing vital and historical growth opportunities, but also because of the people here and the way we’ve grown to care about one another. I have met a lot of wonderful people at HNA, many of whom are leading professionals in their industries. By working with such talented people, I hope I can similarly become a leading expert in my field. I am also touched by the ways I see the HNA Group showing love to communities throughout the world. It is this kind of love for the world and for mankind that attracts me to the company. It is also this kind of love that encourages me to grow within the HNA Group. If you identify with the vision and mission of HNA, and if you have big dreams, HNA welcomes you to join us!

    Name: Hayley Vette
    University: University of Sydney
    Location: Beijing
    First Rotation:Marketing & Sales, Hainan Airlines

    For my first rotation in the program I was lucky enough to have been placed within the Marketing and Sales Department of Hainan Airlines, HNA’s flagship carrier. In my position I have had the privilege of working on the team responsible for establishing four new flight routes connecting China and Australia, as well as one new flight route connecting China and New Zealand. To see a project go from just an idea to a fully- functioning international flight route has been an amazing experience and one I will treasure both professionally and personally for the rest of my life.  

    I am incredibly lucky to have a really amazing team and on a regular basis my office holds dinners, afternoon teas in the office and even KTV parties in order for us to relax and get to know each other on a more personal basis. I think these events are a fantastic opportunity to breakdown strict professional barriers which can sometimes be put up in the work place, and allow you to build really strong, enjoyable relationships with your colleagues. I have also attended several trainings with both my fellow GMT program hires and new marketing and sales department hires, providing us not only with on the job training but also an opportunity to get to know our colleagues in other departments and companies and build a strong professional network within the HNA group as a whole.

    I think what I would like to say most to the 2017 ITP candidates is enjoy the ride! HNA is an fantastic company to get involved with, they have vast global horizons and are expanding rapidly so there are many brilliant opportunities on offer. If you are open to exciting, albeit occasionally challenging opportunities both in China and globally then HNA is the place for you.

    Name: Sedna Wang
    University: Peking University/ESSEC
    Location: Beijing
    First Rotation: Investment Banking, HNA Tourism Investment Holdings

    I was lucky enough to join the acquisition project of two luxury resorts located in Tahiti after only two short weeks with HNA. It convinced me that HNA is a company willing to offer the young generation opportunities and trust. Diverse possibilities for my career are undoubtedly on the way.

    I initially chose to join the theater out of personal interest, but I was quite surprised that the director and performing stage were as professional as a national team level. Our final performance was even reported by main stream media. Now all the colleagues are still good friends. Actually the department and company will organize different activities to meet all the interests of employees. 

    To be honest, it’s not possible for a single company to meet the diverse needs of all different kinds of job candidates. HNA already has 20 years of history, but it is still a young member of Global Fortune 500, making it an ideal stage for young professionals with international vision, ambition and ability. So if you are good at listening, willing to share your ideas, and not afraid to contribute, you’d be a welcome addition to the HNA family.

    Name: Jan Heidrich
    University: SOAS, University of London/Cambridge University
    Location: Beijing
    First Rotation: Board of Directors Office, HNA Tourism Group

    Several months into my first post at HNA Tourism, I was involved in organizing a Board of Directors meeting at a Swiss company that the HNA Group has recently acquired a majority stake in. The meeting in Zurich brought together seniormanagers from China, Europe and the Middle East, allowing me to test my ability to translate not only between different languages, but also between different corporate cultures. In many ways, the assignment in Zurich is representative of my overall experience at HNA Tourism: the learning curve is steep, the pace is fast, and the environment is highly supportive of young graduates and the various skills they bring to the table.

    The HNA Group and its various industry groups regularly organize training sessions for management trainees. I have, for instance, recently participated in a corporate culture workshop at the Group's headquarters, which among other activities also involved visits to an artificial island that HNA Holding is creating off the shores of Haikou and HNA Technics' aircraft maintenance hangars at Haikou Meilan Int'l Airport. Given the size and scope of the HNA Group's businesses, the most valuable aspect of the training sessions has been interacting with fellow management trainees who work in areas (such as green aviation or FinTech) I less often encounter in my daily work.

    You will be joining an ambitious Chinese conglomerate undergoing a rapid transition towards becoming a corporation that not only acts but also thinks globally. As individuals with broad international experience and a well-defined skillset, you will be sure to be given a multitude of opportunities. Welcome to the HNA Group!
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